The Benefits of Therapy

One of the most common reasons we see individuals seeking therapy is because they are feeling lost or stuck. Have you ever had the sense that something in your life is off, but are unable to put your finger on it? The wonderful thing about seeing a therapist is that it’s just you and your sounding board. The attention is 100% on you. This can be anxiety provoking for some but, ultimately, is a good thing. It is important for us to know ourselves and be able to address our issues head on. Shying away from accountability and the steps needed for change keeps one entrenched in negative cycles and habits that could be harmful. The therapy room is a safe place to address these issues with the guidance of a trained professional.

therapy session

Understanding emotion and easily sharing truly is a skill set. Some people are born with it, others learn it along the way. Getting involved in therapy is a great option for anyone looking to improve their life. Skilled sharers, will enjoy the ease of talking to an impartial person. Individuals who find it difficult to open up, can build skills necessary for sharing safely with others. For both, the process can deepen an understanding of one’s emotions and behaviors.

Talking to a therapist is different than talking to a friend or family member. Your personal connections all have opinions; some may be really helpful, others not so much. Essentially what you’re getting is another person’s opinion of how you should handle your issue. When I meet with clients I act as a tool to help you clarify your thinking. I am not there to tell you what I think right or wrong way to handle a situation is. I am there as your guide. The questions I ask are not so I can make a more informed response to your concerns, but so you can do that.

Often when a client comes in complaining of one thing, within a few sessions we have started to peel back the layers of what the problem actually is. The process of understanding how and why you experience specific emotions in different situations will take you back through your personal history. We are all shaped by our life experiences as far back as infancy. As a systemically focused therapist I assist clients in looking at patterns learned from their family of origin. Often times a problem thought to be unrelated to the past is actually deeply rooted there. Uncovering and studying these roots will lead to a more complete acceptance of one’s whole self. With this, comes a more thoughtful response to our emotional triggers. Emotions are a natural and healthy part of any person’s life. We can live with deeper meaning and greater happiness when we embrace them.

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