Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a form of counseling that focuses on the sexual functioning of an individual or couple. It is similar to individual and couples counseling, but focuses on sex. People seek out sex therapy for a wide variety of reasons that may include sexual dissatisfaction, sexual dysfunction, loss of sexual appetite, differing sexual styles, etc. No matter what the reason for going to therapy you deserve to always be treated with respect in a safe and judgment free place. It is our goal to provide this place for couples and individuals to come and explore their sex life.

Chicago Counseling Collaborative therapists believe that sex and sexuality are integral parts of one’s identity and a couple’s relationship. While the importance of sex differs based on the individual or couple, we are here to help you explore whatever aspects of your own sexual identity that you find valuable. Issues in the bedroom can often times lead to a devaluing of self or the relationship. People often times believe if they cannot perform well during sex then they cannot be a good partner. The truth is that while sex is a more private topic than others, it shouldn’t be treated any differently than other relationship issues.

Issues like sexual dysfunction, inexperience, inhibitions, lack of sex drive, and questions about your sexuality are things many people experience in their lifetime. Your inability to have an orgasm or fear over revealing your fantasies to your partner are just as normal as another person’s issues with depression or a negative communication cycle within a relationship. In addition to these types of issues we often times see couples who have lost their spark or are having trouble feeling connected to each other and are asking for help to regain that intimacy.

No matter what your reason to seek out the assistance of a sex therapist we will help you to pursue a more satisfying sexual identity. One of Chicago’s best therapists will work with you alone or with your partner to wade through the tricky topic of sex. We encourage you to view sex a positive part of life and an increase in intimacy with your partner as a goal for therapy. As therapists of Chicago Counseling Collaborative we are passionate about helping restore passion into your life.

Common Reasons To Seek Sex Therapy:

  • Lack of Knowledge – Many people are misinformed or undereducated when it comes to sex. Working with a sex therapist can help teach the basics or debunk common myths.
  • Unsatisfying Sexual Experiences – Oftentimes individuals or couples find their sex life to be less than ideal in terms of satisfaction. A therapist can help you achieve the kind of sex you have always wanted.
  • Infidelity – Individuals can be left reeling when a partner cheats and many will break up, but those that wish to stay together and try to repair their relationship can seek out further assistance through therapy.
  • Painful Intercourse – For many, pain during sex has a psychological root and attending therapy can help you acquire a greater understanding of your own body’s response to sex and why you may be experiencing pain.
  • Mismatched Sex Drives – Most couples experience a difference in sex drives. This can be difficult thing to remedy, but not impossible.
  • Issues After Having Kids – Children are a lot of work so it’s not surprising that they become a hurdle to a couple’s sex life. Therapy can help you learn to reconnect and take time for your sexual relationship.

Benefits & Takeaways from Sex Therapy:

  • Rekindle the Flame – Many couples lose that passionate spark over time and need help returning excitement to their relationship.
  • Expand Your Sexual Horizons – Couples can feel stuck in their sexual relationship and when they do it is time to explore other routes for their sexual journey together.
  • Repair a Betrayal – Couple who have experienced an affair can learn to move past it and improve on their own relationship together.
  • Understand Your Sexual Identity – Individuals and couples can reach a greater understanding of who they are as sexual beings.
  • Better Performance – Let go of inhibitions and fears that hold you back as a sexual being.
  • Increased Satisfaction  – Get in touch with what your partner really desires
  • Expand Your Knowledge – Naiveté around sex or related issues can contribute to low satisfaction or poor performance.

Types of Therapy Used:

  • Psychodynamic – Uncovers and assists in fully experiencing painful and/or traumatic events that have been pushed out of our conscious awareness
  • Internal Family Systems – As we move through life our positive and negative experiences contribute to our different “parts” within our psyche that all play a role in self-preservation.
  • Narrative Therapy – Our identities are formed by our experiences and it is important to separate our negative experiences (problems) from ourselves in order to resolve them. We have problems, but we are not defined by our problems.
  • Object Relations – Our relationships as adults are shaped by our relationships starting as infants. As an infant we identify “objects” as representations of people in our lives. A “good” caring hand that rubs our back when we are sick or a “bad” mouth that yells at us are examples of objects that can eventually grow to represent people that cared for us as infants and young children.
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy – Focuses on emotions and their healing power in the here and now while looking at how problems happen rather than why.
  • Self Psychology – The therapists relationship with the client is one of empathy and understanding unmet developmental needs are explored and processed.
  • Systems Theory / Therapy – Helps a couple, family, group, or community to understand the role each member plays and how they relate back to the functionality of the system as a whole.
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