The Benefits of Therapy

One of the most common things we see in our practice is individuals seeking therapy because they are feeling, for lack of a better word, lost. Have you ever had that feeling that something in your life is off but you can’t put your finger on it? The wonderful thing about coming in to see a therapist on your own is that it’s just you and your sounding board/guide. The attention is 100% on you, which may be a little nerve racking for some, but it is a good thing.

It is important for us to know ourselves and be able to address our own issues head on. It can be easy to shy away from looking at ourselves in a realistic light and taking the steps needed to change for the better. The therapy room is a safe place to begin that difficult process with the guidance of a trained professional. Many people talk to their friends and family about issues within their lives and just as many keep those thoughts and feelings bottled up and unshared. Getting involved in therapy is a great option for either type of person. People already skilled at sharing will enjoy the ease of talking to an impartial person who can help them take their thinking and understanding about themselves to a deeper level. On the flip side of that, individuals who find it difficult or uncomfortable to open up to others about their emotions can begin to build the skills needed to be able to share safely with others.

Emotion understanding and sharing truly is a skillset. Some people are born with it, others learn it along the way, but there is always room for improvement in this department. Many clients come in with a general complaint that they feel a little lost but aren’t really sure what’s wrong or if therapy is even the right place to be. They say they regularly talk to friends and family about any stressors or problems that arise, but they continue to be stuck. Talking to a therapist is different than talking to a friend or family member. Your family and friends all have opinions; some may be really helpful, others not so much. Essentially what you’re getting is another person’s opinion of how you should handle your issue. When I meet with clients I act as more of a sounding board or tool to help you deepen you thinking around any particular topic. I am not there to tell you what I think you should do or offer up suggestions about the right or wrong way to handle a situation. I am there as your guide. The questions I ask are not so I can make a more informed response to your questions, but so you can do that.

More often than not when a client comes into my office complaining of one thing, within a few sessions we have started to peel back the layers of what the problem actually is. Deepening your understanding of how and why you experience specific emotions in different situations will take you back through your history of experiences. We are all shaped by our life experiences starting in infancy. Often times a problem we thought was totally unrelated to our past is actually deeply rooted there. Uncovering and studying these roots will lead you to a better understanding of why and how you feel things. With this understanding can come better control over your emotions as well as a reduction in fear over feeling them. Emotions are a natural and healthy part of any person’s life and once we embrace them and are able to feel that we are in control of them, our lives can be lived with deeper meaning and greater happiness.

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